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Our services in Tallinn


Our payroll expertise is wide and diverse. We know the demands of different industries and collective agreements. We work with standardized processes and utilize industry’s best practices. Our service is scalable so it takes into account the changes in your business. Also, the monthly costs are predictable.

Approximately 20 payroll experts work at our Tallinna offices. For more information click here.

Travel management

A modern travel management system helps manage costs – reliably and securely. As a system for travel and expenses, we use Visma M2 and Expense. Read more here.

Secure eArchive

Old, confidential payroll related material can be easily re-obtained through our electronic archiving solution. Electronic archiving is safe, cost-effective and environmentally friendly. Our archiving solution is implemented in cooperation with our partner M-Files. For more information click here.

Modern HR Systems

The modern HR system facilitates and enhances human resource management. Our HR solution combines the processes of recruitment, human resource management (HRM) and human resource development (HRD) into an easily manageable entity. A modern and highly automated HR system supports the whole organization’s operations. For more information click here.


Agile reporting tools help you to lead your business in a whole new way. Real-time reporting helps in decision-making. With knowledge management, you will be able to lead your people better and in a more transparent way which will benefit your entire business! You will also get benchmark comparisons that help you set your company’s goals to the correct level. Read more here.

A modern way to receive payslips  Mobile payslip

Silta Mobile, “Simo”, is our new mobile payslip application that brings payslips directly to your smartphone, safely and securely. Read more here. 

Work-time solutions

The obligation to register working time is stipulated by the law. A comprehensive worktime tracking, interpretation and shift planning are performed through the workflow management system which are tailored according to your needs.

A tailor-made worktime management solution is implemented either with Nepton, Tiima, Numeron WFM or CGI. For more information click here.

HR Analytics

Because of the development in technology, it is possible to automate the personnel reporting. With HR data you can get new insights that helps you to develop your business. With our analytics solution your company gets predictable analytics as well as benchmarking on how you’re doing compared to others. Data helps management in decision-making, supporting the entire business. For more information click here.


Our consulting services combine our versatile expertise and experience with clear solutions to the challenges of our customers HR. Our consultancy helps HR to develop from business needs. Read more here. 

Employment services

Our employment service advises you as a service, on various interpretations, ie. on daily employment matters or on more challenging labour law situations. We can also ensure the fulfillment of statutory obligations in employment and labour law matters.

Our recommended partner, Castrén & Snellman, the leading lawyer in Finland, helps with more extensive labour law issues. For more information click here.

HR Partner

HR management and professionals’ time is required more and more for business support and personnel development. At the same time, the routine HR functions must be taken care of, reliably and with high quality – and in a way that supports the company’s strategy. We at Silta want to help your organisation to focus your HR input towards developing your business. We utilize the industries best practices when supporting your HR function, best way possible. For more information click here.