We know working life and we know people.

We are a genuine business partner for executives, HR and managers.

We are the best business partner for executives, HR and managers.

Our Customers trust our expertise and methods in comprehensive outsourcing cases, when renewing HR functions according to the company’s business targets and in improving personnel productivity.

Our solid knowledge from approximately 90 collective agreements, broad working life experience and excellent accountability create a unique combination that benefits your company. We are focused on constant development and our approach is both economical and competitive. High quality is our key success indicator. We help our Customers to improve their performance.

Founded in 2001, Silta Oy currently employs approximately 270 HR professionals. The company’s turnover in 2016 amounted to EUR 19,4 million. Silta Oy is part of Administer Group.



We serve our Customers together with the industry’s best system providers. Our payroll systems are provided by CGI and Mepco. 

Employment law service is offered in co-operation with Castrén & Snellman. 

Our other partners include for instance Sympa, Visma, IBM, Valamis Oy, Cut-e and Nepton.


CGI is Silta’s system supplier as well as our partner in the provision of outsourced payroll services. We trust CGI’s payroll and HR systems and know-how – and together, we are constantly developing our operations. Our aim is to mutually benefit from the expertise of each other in HR processes and other HR services.
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Accountor hr Solutions

Mepco is our other HR and payroll system service provider. With Mepco, we offer our Customers complete payroll and HR solution. Mepco HRM covers integrated systems for gathering information, payroll, HR, recruiting and reporting. For more information https://www.accountorhr.fi/ 


Our employment law service is offered in partnership with Castrén & Snellman. With our employment law service, our Customers get advice on how to resolve various questions of interpretations and support in challenging employment juridical situations. The service also advice on how to implement their company's statutory labour obligations www.castren.fi

Our management team

Tatu Tulokas
Tatu Tulokas Managing Director
+358 50 393 5073 tatu.tulokas@silta.fi
Kati Paulin
Kati Paulin Finance Director
+358 40 536 0223 kati.paulin@silta.fi
Petri Luurila
Petri Luurila IT and Digitalization Director
+358 400 571 008 petri.luurila@silta.fi
Janne Knuutinen Silta Oy
Janne Knuutinen Sales Director
+358 40 1846 543 janne.knuutinen@silta.fi
Outi Tenhola-Matilainen henkilöstöjohtaja Silta Oy
Outi Tenhola-Matilainen HR Director
+358 40 553 9761 outi.tenhola-matilainen@silta.fi